Savvy Decorating at it's best

Published Wed 04 Nov 2015

Sometimes all a room needs is a little smart decorating to bring out its best. The savviest decor strategy? Mirrors!

Savvy Decorating at it's best The key is to place your mirror in just the right spot so it makes the most of the light, and strategically helps your room to look larger. Here are our top tips for helping the more compact spaces in your home realise their full potential…
  1. Prop one up - In small rooms, propping up a mirror at least three-quarters the size of the wall will expand a tight space.
  2. Look for an unexpected, empty spot - Behind the stove, on the front of your cabinets - there are so many unexpected spaces in your home just waiting to be filled with a mirror!
  3. Tuck it behind the furniture - Mirrors don’t always need to fill empty space. Placing a mirror behind a piece of furniture - a long, tall mirror behind a hallway running table, or a wide mirror behind a couch - will instantly open up a cramped room.
  4. Bring the great outdoors inside - Place a mirror facing a window for an extra added illusion of space. It will also beautifully reflect the light during the day.
  5. Optical illusion - If you don’t have a window to reflect, why not play a little trick and make your mirrors look like windows? This wonderful design illusion will make any space feel lighter and larger than it is.
  6. Reflect as a group - Gather some contrasting hanging mirrors and group them together on a wall for an artistic feature that will also add light and interest.
  7. Don’t always think vertical - Be daring: place a long mirror in the middle of your dining table to reflect light and open up the room from a different perspective.
How will you make the most of your space? Share your ideas!
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