Sustainability Hacks for your home

Published Tue 11 Jan 2022

Starting 2022 making a difference to our planet! Here are some small, yet important ways you can make your home more sustainable.

Sustainability Hacks for your home

Buy Local and Seasonal

Buying fruit and veg that are in season is more often than not, more affordable and better for the environment. When produce is grown out of season it takes more resources, money and lacks the taste and nutritional value compared to when it naturally grows in season. 

Cut Your Beef and Dairy Consumption

Maybe you’re not into the idea of going full Veggo. However, we challenge you to at least take part in ‘Meat Free Monday’. Scientists suggest that even going one day without eating meat can make a big difference to carbon emissions. To put it into perspective; for every gram of beef that is produced, 221 grams of carbon dioxide is emitted. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll be contributing to a brighter future. 


Cut out Single-Use Plastic

One of the most simple ways to make your home more sustainable is to stop relying on single use plastics. Some switches you can make are: 

Convert your home to LED Lights

While traditional light bulbs use heat to generate light, LEDs require much less wattage to produce a high lumen output and can turn around 70% of the energy from the electric current into light rather than heat. This means they are able to operate at a much lower temperature and so are a more sustainable choice.


Sustainable beauty and skincare

Sustainable beauty is about making sure everything from sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and selling is making the tiniest impact possible on our planet. But how do you know what products are truly ‘green’ and which are just ‘green washing’. 

The Urban List has us covered.


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